Unique Bathroom Wall Tiles Interior Design Ideas

Your bathroom wall tiles some will be the very best chance for you to level up your bathroom looks. By installing some of the tiles and apply another kind of materials, decoration, or some tiles with different colors can be a great idea for you to set up for your personal bathroom.

Level Up Your Bathroom Wall Tiles


You will get some patterned wall by creating this set up for the tiles. Instead of using full tiled wall, you can add some other materials like woods or just simple concrete then make the decoration by installing the tiles into the walls. What you will get is the pattern that you can create up to your taste. There is no limit for this set up as long as you keep your creativity works.

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Another use of some tiles instead of a wall that full of tiles is that you can create some border to make the room even larger than before. This will work correctly for a bathroom that is small regarding space. You can create some impression that makes the room looks bigger than it is. This will also help to make some distinction for the place that separated by the tiles that you set up on they wall.


For instance, you want to install the mirror right inside the wall; you can use tiles to make a frame that separates the mirror from the wall surrounding it. Another kind of decoration that you can do is by creating some mosaic using the tiles while keeping the other area of the wall free from tiles, that way you can create some wall decoration like painting on your wall without even worry about the space that it will take. You do not have to keep all the tiles together, you can use a few tiles in some parts, and also installing another tile in different parts to mark up some decoration such as lighting, or electrical switch. That way you can also help someone to find the spot that they are looking for because they can see the different.

Expensive Taste

One of the cause that people like to have few tiles on their wall because they want to show how expensive the tiles that they are using for the wall, I mean in the artistic terms. If you have expensive or great materials for the tiles that you want to install on your wall, it will be such a waste if you use it for the whole part of the wall. You better put that bathroom wall tiles some and keep the other parts of the wall under the highlights.

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