How to Take Care Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite bathroom countertops have many benefits in many aspects. The material is sturdy and strong, so it will be great to carry many items on it. Besides, the color is bold and obvious so you it will be suitable to be pair with any other color. And if you put it on bathroom then the elegant look will be visible immediately. But some people always feel a bit fear to use the material. Since the price is not that low, people start wondering how to take care of it. Moreover, you put the granite countertops in the bathroom, not in the kitchen. But still, in this article I am going to share about how to take care of granite countertops. What you have to do and do not will be explained in this article. Check this out.

Basic rule of the granite

Well, this rule has to be done by all the homeowners who insist on having countertops made of granite. The sealer should be applied on the surface of the granite, no matter where you place the granite and no matter what the function of the table top. But you do not need to steal it more often. There is a general guide to taking care of the granite on the internet. You should check them up once or twice before you apply the sealer on the surface of your granite bathroom countertops. You will find the permanent sealer. You will not need to seal the granite too often and probably for years.

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Clean the spills right after it is spilled out

Even though it is placed in the bathroom, perhaps you want something different like carrying the wine or soda. Well, if by accident the wine or soda is spilled out then you need to clean it immediately. Oils will also leave a stain on the granite surface. Almost all natural stones should be treated like that. They have a similar characteristic. If you are going to clean them, just make sure that you use the soft cloth or sponge to keep the sealer. You can also add hot water to help you. And you have to avoid soap on it. It will not immediately damage to granite permanently, but it can make the granite looks dull especially in frequent use. Even though you place it at the bathroom, you still need to take care of granite bathroom countertops.

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