Swimming Pool Landscaping Does and Don’ts

Is your basic pool not attractive enough? You can turn your basic pool into a visual asset just by landscaping it. Swimming pool landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive, but there are few do’s and don’ts. Make sure that you know them so that you won’t turn your pool into a horrible one.

Swimming Pool Landscaping DO’s:

  1. Pool Landscaping for Privacy

No one wants to swim without privacy like inside a fish bowl. Pool Landscaping is the best way to maintain the privacy. Natural trees can be planted near the fence to give privacy.

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  1. Adding Landscape Lighting

A properly designed outdoor lighting can add a class in the outdoor area. It is pretty cheap in maintenance because usually they have low voltage.

  1. Put a Potted Plants

If you have space, a potted plant can be a useful decoration. You can put them near the entrance, beside a bench, or anywhere where it can help bring the pool landscape together. Make sure that you water the potted plants more frequently because the dry out faster.

Swimming Pool Landscaping DON’Ts:

  1. Planting fruit-bearing trees and roses

It might be nice to have fruit bearing trees, but you won’t want to have a fruit inside your pool right?

Roses are beautiful, but they also have thorns which might give you a scar when you are wearing a swimsuit. And they also can attract bees which are worse.

  1. Boulders in non-naturalistic pool

Using boulders for a naturalistic pool is great, but if your designed pool is nonnaturalistic, the boulder is something that you must avoid, it might give an odd look in your nonnaturalistic pool. Furthermore, it usually best used in groups with a lot of pool landscaping.

  1. Planting grass in small area near the fence

If you have a small space between the pool and the fence, you’d better avoid planting grass between them. Maintenance for the grass in that spot might be hard. It will be better to use round stone or low maintenance landscaping.

  1. Using small pea gravel around the pool

Small pea gravel might scatter when they are stepped on. It will be bad if they scatter into the pool.

Swimming pool landscaping needs more maintenance and also budget. But, having a beautiful pool as an asset is not a waste of money.  Have fun on landscaping your swimming pool.

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