Steps in Refacing Kitchen Cabinets, Before and After

Refacing kitchen cabinets is not an easy option, but you are going to be able to do it yourself with a good preparation. As one of the focal point of the kitchen, kitchen cabinet is so important for shaping the style of the kitchen. Simply put, kitchen cabinet is more like an icon of the kitchen. When your kitchen cabinet is getting uglier but still structurally good, you should not be in a rush to buy a new one. Refacing kitchen cabinets can be an idea for giving your kitchen a whole new look. One of the most common and easy way to reface your kitchen cabinet is by re-painting it. Is it hard? No! With some simple steps below, you will be able to re-paint your kitchen cabinet beautifully, so take a look.

First Step: Select the Color Palette

The very first step that you have to decide is selecting the color palette you are going to use for the kitchen cabinet. In this case, it is highly wise to think of the suitability of the color palette you pick and the whole kitchen design. You cannot put aside this aspect because you should find the right color which will make the cabinet blend well with the kitchen design. If you are not confident with the color palette you pick, then just stick with some neutral colors, such as off white, cream, or grey. These colors are proven versatile in any kitchen designs. However, if you are good at selecting colors, then bright and sunny color palette is not a bad idea too!

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Second Step: Prepare the Cabinet

After you have selected the color palette, then it is the time for you to prepare the cabinet. Firstly, you need to clean up all parts of the kitchen cabinets, primarily its surface. Clean up the dust on it and sand it. Sanding the surface of the kitchen cabinet will make the paint to stick tightly on the surface. After that, you need to take of the hardware in the cabinet. If you are not going to paint the inner part of the cabinet, then mask it with paper.

Third Step: Paint It

He last step is to paint the cabinet. If you are new at painting stuff, select the hard brush. This brush will absorb less paint on its brush. So, you are not going to put more paint on one side than the other side. Try to paint every surface evenly. Once you have finished, let it dry for several hours before you want to give a final touch, primarily if you are planning to have a distressed cabinet.

In short, that is some steps in refacing kitchen cabinets and hopefully, you find it useful for you.

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