How to Make an Efficient and Space Saving Kitchen Design?

All people almost agree that have a good kitchen is a must. Kitchen room is the heart of your home layout. People like to enjoy spending time with family or to entertain in with friends. Therefore many people like an open floor design for their home which integrate living room with kitchen room making a luxurious interior design. But, what is the most important from the kitchen? The main function of Kitchen is a working place to produce food. So the function is the most important from your kitchen. Your kitchen layout and design have a significant effect on the efficiency and quickly how you use your kitchen. In this article i want to give you some tips and tricks to make your kitchen efficient and space saving.

Make the Efficient ‘Work Triangle’

All standard modern kitchens consist of 3 main components i.e. refrigerator, sink and stove/oven. These three main components should be placed correctly to make your work quickly and efficiently. The stove/oven – where you cook the food, the sink – where you wash the food and the refrigerator where you store the food, these three components have to make up an efficient ‘work triangle’. This three main component should be placed on a one easily accessible place. You should easily to move from a refrigerator to sink then to stove/oven vice versa. If you find your move is not easy or any difficulties, your kitchen layout is inefficient. Draw your existing kitchen layout and see how the three main components. Is your kitchen ‘work triangle’ efficient?

Use Efficient Work Surfaces

After you have efficient ‘work triangle’ on your kitchen, then you have to think about efficient work surfaces. Between each of the triangle work areas, this is the best space to place work surfaces or countertop area. Using multifunctional furniture on work surfaces or countertop area is the best way to get efficient and space saving kitchen design.

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Ideally, the kitchen island is the best option for work surfaces if you don’t have an issue with small space. Consider using kitchen island which has one or more of ‘work triangle’ components installed. This kitchen island will cut off your unnecessary travel to get each of the ‘work triangles’. Having a kitchen island with a sink installed will avoid you from walking from the refrigerator to another distant area. You can store something on storage space below kitchen island, on the other hand, you can use as working and serving table. Consider using movable island so you can move easily when you need more space in kitchen room.

However, if you have an issue with small space, you can use a multifunction counter table which can serve as a kitchen island, server or counter-height dining table and have a storage area. It is also movable so you can move if needed. Recently there are much ergonomic spaces saving kitchen furniture or appliances you can try.

Shape of Your kitchen:

Now you have to define your kitchen shape. What is the best shape to get efficient ‘work triangle’ and work surfaces? To get the answer, you have to understand the different type of kitchen shape and the pros and cons of each type of kitchen shape.

U Shape Kitchen Plan

PROS: This plan gives efficient layout by offering three walls or sides for the work triangle. We can maximize our time in the kitchen and get focus by cut off unnecessary traffic walking through the kitchen. You can put countertop or work surfaces in the middle if your kitchen area is large enough. But, if your kitchen is small, you can put counter top on the sides between 3 ‘work triangle’. CONS: It is little difficult for multiple people working in the small kitchen area.

L Shape Kitchen Plan

PROS: This plan is easier and more flexible to cheer up. This plan has two sides or wall making more space saving since two of the work triangle on the same sides or wall. You can put a kitchen island easier since it is open up to the adjacent room on the side. You can use bar kitchen island for entertain if your space is large enough or combine the kitchen room with living room. CONS: cooking a bit of a hassle because kitchen appliances tend to be more dazed. To reduce the size of work triangle, you can use kitchen island or reduce the 3 main components distance by put near in the crook of L for efficient workflow.

Galley Shape Kitchen Plan

PROS: It is the most efficient and functional plan. The work triangle is parallel with the wall or sides making space saving kitchen design. CONS: You will find difficulty to entertain from since there are two parallel walls unless you make your one wall become open to an adjacent room that can be set up to another function like a seating bar. This plan is not ideal for a lot of people cooking together because the preparation area is also the traffic area.

Making your kitchen luxurious is a must. But consider the main function. Making your kitchen lay out efficient is important since it will affect in how you enjoy and use your kitchen. Try another ‘work triangle’ layout option if you find your existing kitchen is not efficient. Just draw on the paper and try to find the best option base on efficient ‘work’ triangle. Consider these tips and tricks to make your kitchen efficient and space saving if you are looking a new kitchen for your home.

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