Smart Space Saving Interior Design Ideas for Green Living Solution

Have you ever think about green living home ideas? This discourse has been increasing for a decade with awareness to the global warming. One of the solutions is about how to make build environment more compact and space saving. People now think about living in a tiny house with more open space. Making a tiny house as a comfortable home will need a compact space saving the interior design. Of course, you don’t have to make your home become a tiny home or build a new tiny home. But, you can improve your house by rearranging your interior design more compact and space saving.

How to make your interior design compact and space saving?

Making your home interior design more compact consist of some step and will depend on where you begin. If you make a new home, you should begin with flour plan. This is the important thing because will affect your entire interior design look like. You have to consider the need for space based on activity plan and the number of your family member.

Space Saving Flour Plan

Space saving floor plan should be flexible, smart, low cost and energy saving which fit with family’s needs. There are some tricks to get space saving flour like using open floor plans layout in which we don’t separate strictly between formal spaces with private space. For example, making kitchen room and dining room in one space will save more space. We can use flexible ergonomics Kitchen Island in that can be used as a breakfast bar, prepare food space, and another function.

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However, each floor plan has pros and cons and don’t assume that every floor plan will fit with your lifestyle. Even though open floor plan is better in space saving, you must consider the characteristic of each room. Open floor for kitchen room and dining room is ok. How about kitchen room and living room? It is very popular, but some people don’t like with this open floor plan setting. Every room has their characteristic and each characteristic often don not fit together.

Space Saving Furniture

There are many spaces saving furniture you can use. The appropriate mix between space saving floor plan and space saving furniture will give compact space saving interior design overall. You can use some innovation of space saving furniture and storage. There are some smart spaces saving solution we can try at home.

Under Stairs Storage

We can find stair on almost home easily. However, we are difficult to find storage under stairs. We can use the stair as a storage area efficiently. There are some efficient combinations of drawer stair we can apply on home. Bunk bed with stair and drawers is one of the clever tricks to make bed room more compact and space saving.

Wall Bed

Wall bed can be the best space saving solution when you need the more extra bed, but you don’t want more space for the bedroom. Wall bed can be installed anywhere on your wall of home efficiently. However, the living room is the best place to put wall bed. There are much wall bed model and variation you can find out there which can fit your need and style.

Bookcase Bed

This is another smart trick to make space saving the interior design. If you have a small unused wall on your home, bookcase bed can be the best way to make the unused wall more useful. A bookcase bed is a decorative bookcase giving little storage cubbies combined with puzzle bed. This extra bed can be easily set up. You just up the bed on the wall and down on the floor to get an extra bed. It’s amazing.

Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage

You will get much space saving by putting this furniture bed in your bedroom. One bed on top, one bed on the bottom with fitted a desk and storage space. In fact, if you want to get more storage space, you can add storage under the stairs. This is the best space saving bathroom solution.

Ergonomic Home Office Desk & Storage

If you want to set up your home as an office, you better use ergonomic home office desk & storage. These smart furniture save your space and making your home office decoration modern and luxurious. There are some model home office desks & storage design you can use based your need and lifestyle. Laminated wood office desk and storage are very popular with much design since laminated wood is easier to be formed a base on the need.

Vertical Bathroom System

Don’t worry about your small bathroom space. This vertical bathroom system compresses all things you need in your bathroom including toilet, sink, storage and shower as a single compact design. ‘Swiss Army knife’ bathroom is the amazing bathroom design for tiny bathroom space even though you have larger bathroom space this amazing thing is a wise option for your bathroom.

Compact Kitchen Design

There are some space saving of kitchen design ideas we can apply in our kitchen room design.

Compact Kitchen Units are all-in-one combination kitchens. Inexpensive, small size utility kitchens are brilliant for space saving kitchen design. Compact kitchens combine a stainless steel sink and faucet, under counter refrigerator, range top with two cooking burners as one compact unit. These compact kitchen units are perfect for apartment complexes, offices, student accommodations, cottages, and motels.

Compact Circle Kitchen is another compact kitchen design fits with all kitchen components like a refrigerator, cooking burner, sink, faucet, dishwasher, counter space, shelves and cabinets as a single rotatable circle design. The futuristic 180° compact circle kitchen has all the features of a traditional kitchen in a compact design.

Sliding Pantry. Often, our kitchen cabinet or refrigerator is overload full of goods. Sliding pantry makes your all food storage can be placed efficiently on sliding tracks or wheel that can be pulled out from the wall easily.

Wall Mounted Table

When wall mounted table is not in use, it just looks like a wall decoration. It can be combined with another function like a picture frame, book storage, flower vase, etc.

Space saving floor plan combined with space saving furniture will produce a smart space saving the interior design for the green living home.  It is a low cost and low energy interior design overall.

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