Easy Simple Garden Designs for Beginners

A well-designed garden is the pride of the owners and fans alike. Landscaping ideas and design tips can turn a simple outdoor space into a work of art full of colorful flowers, plants and a cozy and warm atmosphere. Of course, we can hire someone to do it for us. But if what we want is to give our gardens a personal touch, it is best that we get down to work yourself.

Here are some tips to create simple garden designs in an easy and simple way:


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Before you start buying plants, the first thing you must do is a sketch of what promises to be a beautiful garden. No scientific names, just draw circles for what you want to be flower beds or trees, and lines for roads or borders. Start with simple, basic shapes. Remember that you are just at the stage of designing your garden. You can modify these sketches in line with new ideas.


One of the mistakes beginners often makes to put roads without the destination. For a botanical garden, this may be fine, but for a private garden, you should ideally take that road somewhere: a hidden place among trees, pool or the place that you like in the corner.

Plants and Climates

This is what will bring you more work: the choice of plants. To save money and unnecessary discomfort it is recommended that you purchase native plants. Choose plants that live in similar climates. For example, if you want to have a garden in the dry Mediterranean, best plants for this climate are from equally dry and warm as we see in some corners of Australia climates. If we live in a continental climate, you can opt for cold climates trees as maple, chestnut, oak; shrubs such as azaleas or camellia, and many others.


This advice is perhaps the most difficult to follow. Some people work on the gardens in a very short time, but the truth is that there is always something to do. The most beautiful gardens in the world are not made in one or two years but take a few more years behind. So, it is highly recommended that you step by step, from corner to corner.

The design of your garden does not have to be a complicated task even if you are a beginner. With these simple garden designs tips, you will see that this work will not only be less complicated but also give enjoyment for a long time.

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