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German kitchen design is pretty popular in nowadays. The distinctive character of the style leads the user or occupants to the effective and efficient workspace. Of course, several things should be met if you want to make your German kitchen. Well, in this article I am going to talk about that. Make your German kitchen with these seven tips. It is the easiest way to realize the simple yet functional kitchen with German style.

Brighter light

The first thing that you will see from the kitchen with German style is the illumination and lighting. So I suggest you pick the bright light or the fluorescent one. Do not ever use warm lighting in the kitchen. But you cannot pick the lamp with too much intensity of brightness, though. Combining it with a big window and bright curtains will be a great idea too.

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Kitchen set in linear shape

The key to this point is minimalism. Minimalism is highly anticipated in German kitchen design. The kitchen set will be great in very little accessories with a clean line and modern design. Kitchen set with drawers is more preferred than cupboards. Linear, minimalist, and modern is the main point.

The simpler you go, the better you get

As I have said in the earlier paragraph, German kitchen style applies very little accessories and prefers the simplicity in maximum scale. So you have to focus on the details. Simply is better, but you still need the nice attitude of modern style. By keeping all those things in the right place then you can get a kitchen with cleanness, neat, clear, and sophisticated at the same time.

The color scheme and palettes

One color is better for the kitchen with German style. But you can give the best shot by giving it another accent with the soft colors. After you decide the first two colors, you can work on it by putting the colors on the pieces of furniture in the kitchen.

More storage is preferred

I suggest you add more storage facilities in the kitchen instead of putting things on the countertops or hanging them on the wall. Remember, the simplicity and modern is number one rule in this case. And still, you better to put drawers in the kitchen rather than using cupboards. You can make some variations for the size of drawers. And then I think you already have the German kitchen design.

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