Residential Landscape Design Process for the Private Use

Residential landscape designs can provide maximum enjoyment, as long as careful planning goes into the design. Good design combines functionality and aesthetics, blending symmetry, harmony, proportion, and unity in the design. The result is an increase in property value, and more attractive living space. Good residential landscape design also combines elements of art. These are color, line, shape, texture, and scale.

Here are some things to consider before you start designing your landscape.

– Use the available space in your landscape to the fullest.

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– Try to be simple and effective while designing.

– It makes no sense to create a clutter of colors, as the landscape should be pleasing to the eye.


Regarding plants choice, just go for the local ones to be safe. Native plants are easier to take care of because we are already familiar with them. It is best to plant different thing every season. That way your garden looks attractive all year. You can also make use of the plants to build a fence around the landscape.  The idea of a lawn in gardens originally came from England, where rains fall during the whole year. So it is important to be careful with choosing areas for lawns. Make sure that water availability is not a problem. For economical use of water, you may consider micro-irrigation.

Decoration landscape

As the highlight of any residential landscape designs, decorations like hanging baskets, bird feeders, bird baths, and clay pottery and vases are important to have. They just enhance the beauty of a garden. However, make sure that the arrangement of those objects does not hinder the plant growth. You may also consider building a bridge at the entrance of the garden, or a swing that can be used for reading/relaxing.

Color combinations

The use of color is one of the keys to the whole garden, and it is essential that you know the subject if you want to get harmonious spaces.  For example, the combination of red, orange and yellow create a cheerful to be alive, warm colors and attention-grabbing climate. While contrasting color like violet combined with yellow, or blue with red, create a more subtle and relaxed atmosphere.

The right residential landscape design can make your home or garden a place for relaxation. It does not only look nice but also serves as a comfortable place to spend free time at. So it is important to pay attention to the basic rules of garden design above.

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