Outdoor Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yard

Easy outdoor landscaping ideas can make your small front yard looks attractive. Other than looking nice from the street, an interesting front yard also welcomes guests to the front door. Maintaining a warm small front yard sounds like a challenge, but a few design techniques with the proper selection of plants for your garden will a turn a small space into a spacious diverse garden.  Besides, the right landscape in a small yard can lead to years of enjoyment.

Here are steps to consider making your small front yard look appealing:

Plan the project

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Before digging the yard, choose the look you want for your yard. Working with limited space means giving each element its space. Measure and create an outline as to where everything should go.

Add planters

When working with limited land area, landscaping creates extra space by hanging planters or placing boxes on the bottom of the windows. Blooming flowers or cascading ivy plants growing in these boxes add depth and decoration.

Install a trellis

Install a trellis against open areas of the house. Try to imitate cultivated vines or climbing flowers like roses. By making the landscape vertical, you are saving the lawn.

Plant medium or high, but fine, bushes

Some trees and shrubs, including Torre Verde boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), can replace small trees for decoration in a small space. Decorative shrub offers the courtyard side vegetation without taking up much space.

Put a bird bath in the courtyard

A decorative bird bath with water fountain adds to the landscape without using the space of a pond.

Split the yard

Divide the small yard into several areas of interest, such as a water source, plantations and high segmented area for eating and relaxing – this adds depth to space. Also, position the smaller areas of the garden (patios, pond, and lawn) at 45-degree angles to the house. This helped offset the mass of the house and better capture the longest possible views of the garden.

Living in a city environment or a suburban development often leaves a homeowner with only a small space to create a decorative garden or patio. But the lack of space does not have to be equal to the fault in the design if you plan carefully. Try the outdoor landscaping ideas above, and turn your small front yard into a nice little garden.

Seek professional help when deciding on the best vines and shrubs. A small garden can quickly become overwhelmed by plants, shrubs and vines. Keep your plan simple to avoid creating a look of uncluttered greenery.

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