Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas and Remodel

Scandinavian kitchen design is about representing the beauty of minimalism. But Scandinavian is not all about minimalism. I always find something interesting with this style. And this style is great to be applied in the kitchen. Kitchen with Scandinavian style has its beautiful aspect. Well, in this article I am going to tell you about five things that can be stolen from this kitchen. Check this out!

Mixing the new and old elements

This way always works well. The first thing you can do is installing wallpaper with a classic pattern in the wall without backsplash on it. If you use appliances with a modern look and in stainless steel or silver (which gives an impression about modern and contemporary) then I believe it will provide great appeal. The contrast of new and old style is one of the most anticipated Scandinavian kitchen design. If you are not sure about having traditional or modern, you can try both at once.

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Cabinets in stainless steel and countertops in marbles

Perhaps it can be included into the first point in this article. But this point is about mixing the natural material with the manufactured one. It is kind of a nice marriage which gives good birth of style. Stainless steel gives the impression of sturdy, sleek, and neat. In another hand, marble leads to luxurious look. Like I have said before, this is a great collaboration of traditional and modern.

White and warm wood

You will need backsplash in the kitchen. Since the Scandinavian style loves to mix the new and oldies element then, you are allowed to do this point as well. I suggest you to install white tiles for the backsplash. Tile is simple, easy to clean, and relatively affordable especially if you are going to use it as a backsplash. Then you can give accent such as shelves made of dark wood over the sink. It will give warm atmosphere since white always looks intimidating and uninviting.

Keeping frequently used things in reachable area

This does not mean that you have to make another shelf whether the open one or the close one. But sorting things based on the frequently used is a great way to optimize the space and make your work easier. But still, if you want to make another open space or shelve to store things, it will be better using natural material to strengthen the Scandinavian kitchen ideas.

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