Large Decorative Bathroom Wall Mirrors Décor Ideas

Bathroom wall mirrors are one of the most important parts that you must have inside your bathroom. But the fact is that sometimes people confuse whether they want a big size mirror or a small one for their bathroom. There are some things to consider if they want to install one of them, but they feel that they need to be very careful of choosing one of the mirrors.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom is the first thing that you need to take into consideration since you do not want to get the all of your bathroom walls looks bad because the size of the mirror that you have on your bathroom wall does not fit. Just for your consideration, the fit size does not mean that you cannot have a big size mirror for a small bathroom or in the opposite, you can manage that set up as long as you mix it up with great decoration like what we will discuss after this.

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As I said just now, there is nothing wrong about over sizing or under sizing your bathroom mirror compare to the space that you have inside your bathroom. All you need to do just set up some decoration that will make those mirrors look nice inside. For instance, you have a one big size mirror for your medium size bathroom. Then you can install some border in the middle of the mirror so that you have two mirrors; then you can install two sinks right under the mirror.

Using a wall mounted sinks should be good. It is just like you have two spaces for people instead of having only one big mirror. Then regarding undersized mirror, there is one thing that you can do, to distract the eye that gets inside the bathroom by putting some wall decoration which will create some highlight effects for the mirror. Or you can just use one single mirror but with the epic shape. Another way is by installing more than one small mirror so that you have extra space between mirrors which will fill your bathroom wall.


Actually, all the set up for the mirror always based on the balance theory. If you have a small room, then you have a big mirror, the decoration must be as small as possible, but can create a big impact for the size of the place regarding impression. That also do for the other kind of set ups, so that you will find it easier to have the bathroom wall mirrors that you want to install regarding their size.

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