Amazing Garden Tropical Landscape Design Ideas

If you live in a warm climate, then you are lucky enough. Because you can build your paradise in your yard. How? By making a tropical landscape design for your yard, you can have tropical plants and flower in your yard. But of course, you will need to spare time to design and maintain your tropical landscape.

Tropical Landscape Ideas

To make a tropical landscape, you will need a humid place and enough sunlight. Because you will need to plant tropical plants in your garden. A vivid red color from Giant philodendron and butterfly bush can be mix with big plants with a lot of foliage. It can give a texture like a vivid palette.

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A living wall is also a good landscape idea. You will need to construct a vertical growing medium and then fill them with various kinds of plants like coleus, calibrachoa, and heuchera. It will give you a great color.

As a border between the plants and the pathway, you can put cobbles. But, turn them on their tall side, it will give you a defines borders with the toothy edge. You cam also put a sculpture and also a fountain in the garden. A sculpture can give you exotic and mysterious feel.

Principal Components for Tropical Landscape

There are a few principal components that you need for this kind of landscape. They will surely make your paradise more beautiful

  1. Tropical Plants

There are many tropical plants which can spice up you landscape, such as ferns, orchids, Bougainville, Begonia, or Hibiscus. Mexican weeping bamboo can be put on the entrance; it will arch over the entrance of the garden. You can also use pergola as a canopy for the seating. Bougainville can be planted in a pot to color your corner. The soil quality must be well maintained. And the sunlight needs of each plant is different, so make sure that every plant has the right amount of sunlight.

  1. Sculpture

A guardian sculpture which you can see in every temple can add an exotic touch to your garden

  1. fountain

The sound of water trickling down can soothe your mind. It will make the visitor feels relaxed. A unique fountain which is specially made can add a visual effect of the garden.

Tropical landscape designs are more free form than the traditional or modern design. You are free to design your tropical landscape on your own. But you can always consult a professional to make sure you are on the right track.

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