Four Easy Rock Garden Design Ideas with Pictures

So you have just moved to a new home. And it happens to have a backyard that you want to transform. The size is not too big, nor too small. For some people, that might be just the right size. But you think that is one of the problems. You did not want an established garden because that would need a lot of time to care. Well, why not chose a beautiful rock garden design instead?

One of the big advantages of creating a rock garden is that the stones can be used for different decorating styles and adapt to different spaces between pots, timber, to form paths to highlight a plant, to mark the edges or boundaries and many more details.

However, that doesn’t mean that you just collect lots of stones and put them there into your garden. Yes, it is a less complicated option compared to landscaping normal gardens, but, it also takes the same amount of time and patience to make it look perfect. Here are some ideas for a rock garden design which won’t be too daunting to try.

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Path of stones

The formation of a path into every garden is essential, both to improve the aesthetic style and to facilitate the maintenance of plant and grass. A good idea is to form the small road or path in your garden with stones of different sizes or single size stones, all depending on your personal taste.

Stone fireplace

A wood-metal or concrete is usually used in the garden to make the space warmer, but to be able to maintain the natural style in garden decoration, all you have to do is to make use of a stone fireplace. Not only it complements perfectly with the rest of the decor of the garden, but also manages to fill all the decor elegance.

Garden with white stones

White stones are often used to decorate all garden style. A good idea is to use the stones of this color in small sizes to highlight a plant in particular. You just have to wrap the entire stem of the plant to give a better look.

Flat stones

Having a garden lined with flat stones not only provides the ability to give elegance to the garden but also saves maintenance work in the garden. So a stone floor is more practical that most gardens with natural grass.

A well-decorated garden can become a quite relaxing space, which in turn allows full contact with nature, giving us a chance to put aside the daily routine and eliminate stress. Try one of the rock garden design ideas above, and get yourself a garden decoration that is original and welcoming.

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