Custom White 42 Inch Bathroom Vanity for Fresh Home Design Ideas

Surprisingly, a white 42 inch bathroom vanity will always fit into your bathroom in any size. It can also match even though your bathroom space is narrow. Nonetheless, for a smaller bathroom, a floating bathroom vanity could be a great idea since the design is weightless and can expand the bathroom space visually. A floating vanity can give your bathroom more stylish and modern look that can also be used in a large bathroom. By the way, how much does bathroom vanity especially the 42-inch vanity cost? Well, the price varies based on materials, shape, size, and other factors.

As you know, a bathroom vanity consists of decorative front and sides box and topped with sink. the vanity sometimes also consist of additional storage space, cabinets or drawers. The vanities are generally available in pre-made vanities (stock), semi-custom vanities (where you can pick out a wide array of finishes, styles, storage features, and sizes) and also custom built vanities (designed from scratch) to create a focal point within your bathroom. In fact, the typical costs are different each other depending on the materials, finishes, style, shape and size. Here are typical costs you will need to consider before buying a unique white 42 inch vanity for your bathroom.

Pre-made (stock) vanities

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For basic single sink model, mass produced pre-made or stock vanities at most hardware stores or home improvement store begin at $40 up to $150. They are particularly cost about $200 up to $800 for an average vanity and can also be more than $900 up to $1,500 depending on materials, size, and style and whether it’s installed with one or two vanity sinks. Those stock vanities are commonly made of particle board or even fiberboard in medium density with wood veneer or other cheap materials that require extensive to simple assembly. The prices also vary depending on whether the sink or countertop is built in or separately sold.

Semi—custom vanities

Semi-custom or even custom bathroom vanities can actually cost $75 up to $250 a square foot and possible another $50 up to $100 a linear for the finish work, or $500 up to $2,800 for particular double sink bathroom vanity. The vanities will be made by order that range from medium to premium materials and the shipping process will take more than four weeks. Furthermore, this 42 inch bathroom vanity is suitable for your either small or large bathroom.


The installation of your bathroom vanity can also add about $100 up to $300 or even more. The total of average cost from $300 up to $1,100. Custom or semi-custom vanities will generally cost up to $1,000 for the installation, depending on the white 42 inch bathroom vanity project complexity as well.

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