Custom Unique Kitchen Designs and Decor

Unique kitchen designs are not about how you put unique things in the kitchen. You have to think about how to make the work in the kitchen becomes more easily and of course functional. Besides the functional thing, the kitchen will be great if it has appealed. So, what I was trying to say is a good design of kitchen should have many purposes such as functional as a kitchen, serve good vibe and atmosphere for the occupants, and have a good look. Well, now I will try to put several ideas and tips on how to design a proper kitchen which means it has a nice look and proper function. Check this out.

Think and make a plan

Actually, there is no specific kitchen layout or shape. The kitchen should be adjusted with the user who mostly uses the space. So, regardless what and how the design will be, you need to think about the circulation area so you can move freely without have to be blocked by a piece of furniture in the kitchen. L-shape, U-shape, or just straight kitchen set will be adjusted with space and the user.

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More storage is better

People always forget about this point. Preparing enough storage in the kitchen is a good move, considering you will put many items in the kitchen. I could say that you can maximize the size of top cabinets up to the ceiling. Besides it will provide more space for the cabinet, you do not have to clean the dust over the cabinet as well. I would rather suggest you to use drawers than cupboards for the storage. Do not also forget to prepare the storage for other appliances to make the countertops clear from other things. It is included into unique kitchen designs.

Consider the lighting

You have to know that the overhead light is not enough. The shadows will darken your cooking spot. You better install the lighting under the cabinet so the light will spot right in front of you and you can finish the task more efficiently. You can use the overhead light for the main lighting only.

Proper surface and adequate space

Since you will mostly work with the countertops, then you will need it with a good surface. Choose the material that can be cleaned easily and of course, you should be comfortable to work on it. Prepare enough space for unique kitchen design.

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