Best Custom Bathroom Vanities with Tops

The bathroom vanities with tops are one of the most important parts of every bathroom. In fact, this furniture is getting more popular in the last few years. So, if you take for granted this furniture for your bathroom’s design, you are wrong. This furniture can be used for many functions, and it is highly practical. So, whether you want to change your bathroom vanities with tops or buy a new one, you have to find the one which can best suit your needs, taste, and style of the bathroom itself. To make them durable, bathroom vanities tops are made of high-quality materials.

One thing you should remember when it comes to selecting vanity top is that it is not only supposed to be resistant to water, but also any other liquid and substance, such as toothpaste, make up, acetone based liquids. Three most favorite materials for this function include tempered glass, porcelain, and cultured marble. Hence, in order to help you to pick the right material for you, here is the advantages and disadvantages of each materials. Take a look.

The First Material: Tempered Glass

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Tempered glass is highly well-known for its distinctive and modern appearance. This material is also resistant to heat, fire, and high pressure. Another feature of tempered glass is that this material is not porous which makes it very durable. No germs or bacteria can live on it. This way, tempered glass is pretty hygienic. Besides, this material is very versatile and can easily blend with any other color palette. However, tempered glass should be frequently cleaned up since finger prints and water spots can be easily left on its surface. If you treat it wrong, tempered glass can also be easily scratched.

The Second Material: Solid Porcelain

The second option of vanity top you have is solid porcelain. This material is pretty beautiful with its modern and stylish look. The surface is highly smooth and easy to clean up. Besides, just like tempered glass, porcelain is also resistant to heat and fire. This material is highly strong. However, if you put an heavy object suddenly, porcelain can crack. This is the biggest disadvantage of the porcelain.

The Third Material: Cultured Marble

This is one of the most favorite materials for nature lover. Made of marble chip or sometimes acrylic resin, cultured marble can give a natural and down-to-earth appearance for your bathroom. In fact, this material is also quite affordable. It is resistant to stain and quite durable in the long run. However, marble can chip or melt if the temperature is very high or an object is suddenly falling down on it.

In short, in fact, each material of the bathroom vanities with tops has its own strength and weakness.

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