Awesome Simple Kitchen Design to Make Great Interior Design

A simple kitchen design is not a something just simple thing without creativity. Simple is not you cannot make something awesome. With great little touch, you can boost your simple kitchen become the awesome interior design of your home. It is not you can’t do anything with your small kitchen space. Simple designs are the great idea for small space. You will need some clever methods and tips to make your simple kitchen become a great interior design of your home.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan makes your small kitchen feel larger allow the space into the dining room or living room. To separate the two spaces, you should change the wall colors from room to room to visually. To divide a clear room between kitchen and living room, you can use a neutral wall with a pumpkin orange hue to the living room walls.

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Clean Hues

Use a plenty of natural light and a light color palette to make your small simple kitchen design feel larger and open. You can use glass front cabinets, light travertine backsplash and an indulgent yellow hue on the walls for a sophisticated bungalow feel.

Downsized Appliances

Light wood cabinet and a large, open window prevent this small, apartment style kitchen from feeling restricted. In an extra tiny kitchen like this, downsizing is the best way to go. A pint-sized stove, range hood, microwave and kitchen table are in proportion to space and take up less space than their large predecessors.

Sleek and Simple

To prevent the space from feeling and looking small and messy, you should use the sleek, clean lines of this kitchen. Use a minimum and the glass tile backsplash to be the colorful focal point. Keep the countertops and surrounding walls neutral for a more balanced look when using the deep-toned kitchen cabinetry.

Good Lighting

To visually expanding the room and enhancing the overall mood and tone, you can use fluorescent lighting below the cabinets and pendant lights on the ceiling. Good lighting will make your simple kitchen design feel stunning and comfortable.

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