Antique French Bedroom Furniture Polished

French bedroom furniture is one of the most beautiful sets of furniture out there. Also renowned as French-polished furniture, it has one of the most durable qualities out there. It can be used as a finish to antique furniture made of an oak material to keep it durable in top-notch quality at all times. This type of furniture finish originates from times in the past when craftsmanship and skill are nothing less than important, and a time when the makers of furniture are more than willing to spend their time creating the perfect finish for their furniture masterpiece so that it has the best quality out there.

French polishing is often thought as a product, hence the term French furniture sometimes. However despites what some people might think, it is not so much of a product as it is an actual wood finishing technique. It gained its popularity back in a late 19th century and was often used to preserve the quality of the most expensive pieces of furniture back then. However, it gradually lost its favour among many people because of its intensive, laborious process. Furniture manufacturers need something which is easier to be replicated fast and mass-produced if they want to hit it in the big market. This was the start of French polishing technique’s death, as spray finishing technique slowly replaced it.

How to Bring the Quality of an Antique Furniture Piece to Life

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While French polishing technique is not the most efficient finishing techniques for mass-production out there, it is still one of the most effective and the best methods for restoring the old golden quality of antique furniture. If your bedroom lacks lustre, then opting for antique, French bedroom furniture is one of the best ways to go, as much as how it is with any other room that focuses on a classic theme. Antique furniture is known for its old, seemingly timeless, beauty, which is the reason why it is important to be preserved with special wood preserving techniques to ensure that it can last another decade or so. The french-polishing technique is renowned for its capability of creating a mirror-like wood finishing which could add to the quality and appearance of any antique furniture.

How is The Process of French Polishing?

This technique is done by mixing something called shellac with denatured alcohol. The shade of this finish might vary as it matches the wood types that are refinished. A rubbing pad will be wrapped in a roll of white cotton to apply this finish to antique furniture. The polish is applied in the extremely intensive way and circular motion for a long time. The whole process can take up several days, and the coat has to be applied layers by layers, which make them one of the least time-efficient techniques out there. But nevertheless, they are great techniques for preserving a long-term quality of antique furniture. Should you apply this to your French bedroom furniture or any other? That’s up to you to decide.

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