Antique Bathroom Vanity for Luxury Bathroom Decoration

An antique bathroom vanity gives your bedroom or bathroom a lovely shabby chic style. Vanities are typically made from white or light wood color and have a large mirror, small drawers, and a matching stool. The dressing table will appeal glamor of old Hollywood when decorated with antiques and other feminine details. Vintage vanities are as useful as they are decorative, and can be used to store makeup, hair accessories, and other beauty products.

Here are ways to breathe a new life to your vintage bathroom vanity:

  1. Create towel hooks made of old door knobs. You can get those door knobs at flea markets.
  2. Arrange beauty supplies in vessels of ancient glass. Place cotton balls and swabs in vintage apothecary jars. Show off your favorite rings and brooches in a small glass dish.
  3. Garnish with former beauty items. Transfer perfumes in antique glass bottles and sprays that provide vibrant shades of blues and greens and ornamental details. Place a hand mirror and vintage toilet brush to set an authentic look.
  4. Add vitality with a fresh scent of flowers. Place small bouquets of roses love roses or peonies in old milk glass vases and set one at each end of the table.
  5. Take an old chair and give it a whole new life as a shelf and towel rack.
  6. Add comfort and style with a soft, shaped vanity table chair cushion. Choose a cushion with an elegant, vintage design, such as black or pink floral calico and white toilet.
  7. Mix and match some old mirrors or display a collection of vintage frameless mirrors, instead of buying a new one.
  8. Make use of old crates to create versatile storage as boxes or shelving.
  9. Place a wide and long vintage scarf made of silk above the vanity table to set the stage for decoration. Choose a scarf with fashion and beauty of inspired designs such as perfume bottles, handbags or jewelry.
  10. If you have a vintage ladder, use it as a towel rack to give your bathroom an old look.
  11. Choose a color that matches some of the hues in the bathroom.

While today’s people seek for modern designs, you can choose to be different by going vintage. So next time you want to redesign your bathroom or your antique bathroom vanity, consider the tips above. You can get more inspiration from home design magazines as well.

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