60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Home Design Ideas

When choosing the right size for a bathroom vanity, there are many questions that you need to answer to feel confident in your choice. Should it be 60 inch bathroom vanity or other sizes? After you answer those questions, then you can move on to choosing your bathroom vanity and feel safe because it fits perfectly in your bathroom space.

Questions to consider about the size of your bathroom vanity

Where is the pipeline located?

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Do the plumbing connections facilitate or inhibit the use of bathroom vanity?

How much space do you have available?

Is your bathroom narrow or wide open?

What are the space restrictions you should consider?

Once you have the answers to the initial questions about space, now follow these steps to find the correct sizing for your bathroom vanity.

Vanity Width

Start with the width of your vanity. This is the easiest dimension with which to start because this will determine whether it should be adjusted or not. Usually, this determines whether or not you can have a double vanity. Make sure the width of your vanity fits well into the bathroom. Find out where the pipe is to put the vanity. A standard vanity is less than 48 and 36 inches. The mere vanities are perfect for small bathrooms. You can always put two simple vanities to each other to save space.

It is common to have a double vanity with the size of 60 to 72 inches, although a 72 inches bathroom vanity is better for increased space and greater storage capacity.

Vanity Height

Once you determined how wide your bathroom vanity is, it is best to determine the height. This is imperative to ensure that you are comfortable when using it. You do not want your vanity is too low or too high.

Use these simple tips when you need to determine the height that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Master Bathroom Vanity

36 inches is the standard size for kitchen cabinets. It is more comfortable than the original standard of 30 inches.

Guest Bathroom Vanity

32 34 inches is a comfortable height for guest bathrooms that can be used for both children and adults.

Children Bathroom Vanity

30 inches is the standard height for vanities in children’s bathroom. You can also consider a vanity which comes to a step that children can use.

Now that you know the size you need for your vanity, it’s time to buy one. As an additional suggestion, if you have a large bathroom, 60 bathroom vanity will provide an elegant look to the room.

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