50 Space Saving Beds & Bedroom Design Ideas

You should be creative to make an inspired space saving beds and bedroom designs for your home. You have to optimize all part of your space combined with integrated into beds. You can transform unused space under stair become the comfy bedroom. Why don’t you space up your bed to get a lot of space under? We have some unique methods to make space saving bedrooms designs and 50 space saving beds for your home.

Bed under Stair

Under stair always bring very accommodating space to be exploited. This area will work great for reading nooks, hideaway day bed, kitchen, bathroom. Why don’t you use your unused space under sta the staircase to utilize as a bedroom? You can transform your unused area under staircase become a stunning bedroom.

There are two options for bedroom under stair design. Open bedroom come together with living room, or close bedroom with closet door as a build in bedroom under staircase. Like this open bedroom design with comfy double bed set up include storage under bed and storage over bed. You can put trundle bed under for extra bed.

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Space up Bed

Another way to get space saving bedroom design is by move the bedding space up. By this trick, you will get extra space under which can be exploited for a lot more things. You can set up the space under become complete living room. Rather than let the ceiling space of living room unused, it is better to set up the bed up to get incredible benefits.

Lofted Bed

If you want an extra space, but your bedroom area is full with bed frame, you should try lofted bed. This method ups the bed to get extra space to added use such as desk, a clothes rail, or storage system. You don’t need to renovate your bedroom space for lofted bed. You just need to switch bed frame with lofted bed frame, and you will get extra space under.

Bunk Bed Design

Bunk bed is the best way to expand your sleeping bed capacity with minimal work. You don’t need to remodel your bedroom extremely. You just have to find the convenient bunk bed model for your bedroom design. You can set the level of your bunk two or three level sleeping area based on your need.

If you want an extra bed, but your bedroom space is limited, you should consider bunk bed design for your bedroom. Hack your limited bedroom space to get extra sleeping space by vertical layout bed is better than use a set of twin bed and it will allow you remaining floor space. If you want extra storage then you can choose bunk bed with storage under or on the stair like.

Hiding Beds

Another way to hack your bedroom become space saving is by using hiding bed. There are several methods to hide a bed in creating a creative space saving a bed for a home of diffident proportions. The most popular designs involve hide bed on the wall, creating an hanging bed to hang bed on the ceiling space, and using lifter to lift bed make disappear.

Murphy beds/wall bed

Murphy bed or wall bed is the most common method to get space saving bedroom design. This method is very effective and low cost with the surprising result. Installing wall bed in living area to get extra sleeping area whenever you use without reducing the usefulness of living room. To get extra sleeping area, you can install two leveling wall bed hide perfectly on the wall.

Lifted Bed

If your bedroom is only in use for a few hours you should consider lifted bed. It keeps your valuable living space by hide perfectly sleeping area on the ceiling space. You can slides softly into the ceiling with the push of a button whenever your lifted bed not in use. Lifted bed is most suitable for private home office which is rarely used and you want sleeping area there without disturbing living area.

Hanging Bed

Alternatively you can use a hanging bed to get extra sleeping area without disturbing the living area in the house. This hanging bed is addressed for you who want swinging sensation when sleeping. In the sleep mode, four strong ropes hang the bed frame to provide a sturdy sleeping area.

Roll Bed

Another alternative to hiding beds in the ceiling is to put them under the floor, like roll away trundle. The best example of roll bed can be seen from Juliena Bucet apartment project. The bed can be fully extended to a bedroom, or half hidden under the platform to form the basis for a stay, or fully settled into the platform.

You can choose the best method to make space saving bedroom design and take space saving beds to install. All will depend on your need and preference. See more best practice image of space saving beds on the image gallery slider below.

  • practical bunk bed
    It is a comfortable sofa that transforms into a practical bunk bed, equipped with a safe ladder integrated in the structure, which also acts as a support and a protective barrier.

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