20 Best Custom Loft Beds for Space Saving Solution

The loft bed is a great space-saving solution which elevates the bed to the ceiling space to get additional space underneath. Custom loft bed is a smart idea if your room is tiny, and you only have limited space for beds, but you want to build with your idea. Why should custom loft bed? This is because only you who see the room everyday will understand the one design that’ll operate in your bedroom.

There are numerous styles for loft beds which have desks or storage set below. We have selected ten best custom loft beds from interior design experts to inspire you designing the appropriate custom elevated bed for your home.

1. Multi Loft Beds

This Domino, custom loft bed, combines a guest bed; dining room, full-size cabinet, large bedroom, and dynamic work into one efficient loft. It was assembled in an offsite workshop using metalwork, wood slabs, concrete panels and custom cabinetry, and then reassembled inside the home.

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Equipped with exceptionally efficient touches contained a dry – erase white board that pulls out to a wall bed and a full closet that’s hidden by a slide-away table that doubles as a desk. The loft features a clean, modern look, and featuring contemporary details and finishes. Storage is plenty through the whole unit, and space is simply functional for just a guest or a couple. A sturdy stepladder slides horizontally with railings offers easy access to the elevated “bedroom” area.

This custom loft bed up the bed into the ceiling space to get useful space underneath. This multi-function simple loft bed shelves, railing cloth, tiny sink under the bed. We can build this custom loft in my home with little effort DIY.

2. Hanging Loft Beds

Have a lot more interesting in the bedroom with these beds that purchased or can be made DIY hang from your ceiling. A hanging daybed is large enough to fit a regular twin mattress. It’s additional room on all sides to hold phones, books, beverages and perhaps even a drink.

Or build stronger hanging loft bed like this. Wood frame combine with strong iron chain and wood ladder ensure your quality sleeping time.

Not only because they are super cool, also this space saving design, create much more room, as revealed in this room. Using bolts, ropes as well as a few DIY ladders, this custom hanging bed is very cool and interesting handmade beds.

3. Bar Loft Bed

This loft small loft above the bar with a queen bed making your kitchen bar look stunning.

4. Closet Loft Beds

This closet loft with ceiling blue color duck is superb. Under the spell of moldings and the play of character, of how the white walls stand out against the blue of the ceiling of this huge golden mirror old, coaching an old wooden window overlooking the sofa and few industrial style keys.

This custom loft bed with closet underneath is an effective strategy to avoid the full height problem. A cabinet does not always have to walk in — you can get lots of closet space if it is just 4 or 5 feet high.

5. Cabin Loft Bed

A lovely loft bed structure swing directly into the wall makes space underneath larger.

6. Hybrid Loft Bed

This lofted bed provides a wide encounter with a spatial and trendy feel because of the flexible interior rather than the sleeping place using a concentrate on the working and living space. Planned to satisfy with the living needs of traveling professionals, the plan of this loft bed is a home office hybrid, perfect for both short term and longer stays.

This hybrid loft bed is a complete loft consist of a large bedroom, guest room with daybed, shelves, and cabinets. Consider this compact loft bed to make your tiny room larger but and look stunning.

7. Cabinet Loft Bed

This loft bed makes a stunning sleeping space with extra cabinet units underneath. You have to be creative to work with oddly-shaped of your home like this cabinet loft.

8. Pull Down Loft Bed

Pull down lofted is a good idea if you want your bedroom change totally into another function.

9. Locker Loft Bed

Custom lofted bed with locker underneath like this is a good idea for a bedroom with the not too high ceiling.

10. Home Office Loft Bed

Change your bedroom into a stunning home office with this Office lofted bed design. Large twin bed, large closet under, working desk with shelves make your bedroom become a favorite place to work as well as to take a rest.

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