14 Tips to Make Comfortable Living Room

Your living room should be cozy, comfortable, and look attractive. We reveal how to make your living room as comfortable as you imagine.

1. Create what do you love

A comfortable living room begins with a good layout. Since the arrangement of furniture, carpets, lamps affect how likely we feel in a room. You have to consider the best layout for your living room.

Go to the living room with your all family member and think about how you spend your time there. Write down everything you would like to do there and what the important thing you need there including the furniture arrangement.

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You should ask this questions:

  • Who ‘occupied’ the living room – i.e. family, guest, friends, your dogs …
  • What do you desire in your living room? – watching TV, chatting, reading, playing card, etc.
  • Is your living room more private or public?

Put your needs as the first. Your living room is your home – not others. Even you want to entertain your friends or your guest; your need is the first.

2. Organize furniture in groups

The closer the pieces of furniture are the more cozily the atmosphere. Consider to make small groups of living room furniture based on your desired activities.

Depending on your desired activities, such arrangements could be for example:

  • One area for a chat – with a comfortable seating area and a table
  • An area around on the game cheer up, Hi-Fi and TV – with comfortable pillows and chairs.
  • An area to play – with soft carpet
  • A small reading area – with a large chair, small table and reading lamp

It is often amazingly of the loveseat – some small sitting area that quickly becomes the favorites place for a cup of coffee or a good book. Use a low table with chairs or daybed for this purpose.

3. Dress up a room with blameless lighting

Different sources of light are a good for living room. Standing lights are brilliant for smaller seat groups or reading corners. Table lights warm and at the same time discreet light in the matter of coziness an excellently thing.

Delight to an extra light – for example, with beautiful candles or a warm white light chain/string. It’s so perfect!

4. Determine areas with carpets

Carpet is a matter of taste. For larger living room, carpet is perfect way to make areas and to hold together visually. Consider using soft carpets for comfortable living room.

The best carpet is one that fits your need and lifestyle. For example, if you have kids or pets, the best carpeting is one that’s easy to clean and repels dirt. Choose carpet which easy to clean and repels dirt if you have kids or pets. Consider dense carpet with a pile height of a half-inch or less if your living room is designed for activity with high traffic area.

5. Pay attention to walkway

Yes, plan walkaway feasibly along seat groups. A good width for a main walkway in the living room is about one meter, for smaller ranges a width of about 60 centimeters.

6. Lay out covers and pillows

Your living room should be comfort and warmth. Consider of a snapping fire or a soft cover. However, calm colors, cheerful lighting and soft materials make living room cozy.

7. Be generous with seats

Your living room should have a lovely enough seat for everyone. So put a few chairs or deck for relaxing. Footrest or ottoman for example are very comfortable and can serve as a seat for many people.

8. Design with warm colors

The wall color affects how well you feel in your home. When comes to security, such as deep browns are a good choice – especially in living rooms that come alive in the evening really alive.

9. Wrap up your windows snugly

Consider to using comfortable heavy curtains. Thick and heavy curtains are ease and you have to hand it to them. Also they still can keep against horrible air.

10. Get wood in the living room

Naturalness and the warmth is the main reason why should use wood. Also, wood never comes out of fashion – whether as a wooden floor, wooden furniture or decoration. However, you should not use all or a lot of wood for living room. Pretty small accents are enough for example a small chair or a wooden tabletop.

11. Decorating with your personality

Comfort is also a personality. So you must put your personality quite special in the heart of living room decoration. Put your personality to create self-confidently a living room in which you really are at home.

  • With things which you really love. Something special to remember loved people and beautiful events. Or something that make you proud.
  • With real pictures of your loved ones – hit boring home improvement or furniture store poster by far.
  • With the personal memory which you have brought from the vacation/holiday.
  • With genuine/real art and homemade – from people that you really appreciate.

You will find personal accents leave a space directly affects much comfy and remarkable. They give you the feeling of ‘Here i am right.

12. Add your favorite color

Fenced with colors that you find class – calm and forget what others think. Many people hand over to put their favorite color in the room be afraid that she might look funny. Or scaring others might find it’s funny.

That’s why many walls remain white, which could really do with a good dose of color. Don’t be shy – it’s just color.

13. Don’t worry about your personal mix        

The living room also must be individual. This means that you must not limit yourselves with monotones pieces of furniture. Since this looks boring and childless.

Get your personal mix by combine old and new, modern and rustic, wood and glass, dots and stripes. It is important that you feel fine, and that your living room fits to you.

14. Pay attention to the details

Put up a few fresh little flowers; put a few crackers in a bowl and a vessel of tea … and what you find how comfortably your living room can look in the sparkling of an eye.

However, such details can give more charm and comfort than the ‘right’ furniture or the ‘perfect’ color combination ever could.

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