10 Working Tips for Small Kitchen Design

Making a small space can accommodate all the necessary but still comfortable without conceding the main function is a challenge for planning and design of small kitchens. These ten working tips for small kitchen design will increase the physical and perception of kitchen space overall.

1. Organize it efficiently

Having small space require all thing should be arranged appropriately. We should focus on the main function of the kitchen. Keep necessary appliances and work area properly. Downsize the appliances that is not important and only use the compact appliances will save your space.

Keep the main component consisting of stove, refrigerator, and sink in the right place. This kitchen work triangles should be your main focus. Consider using the innovative and compact model to ease the function and save a bit of space. Use small scaled kitchen island which has two of the three main component (work triangles) is better.

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2. Open it up

Overhead cabinet rise above your head makes small kitchens with tight spaces feel enclosed. There’s not a lot of room for a step stool or ladder to reach cooks in them. You will get your kitchen feel boxy and enclosed overall.

Tip! Consider shelving, pot racks, and magnetic knife or spice holders. It’s a great way to put your favorite dishes or shiny pots and pans. It also makes kitchen look larger.

3. Choose lean shapes

Furniture and appliances with smooth shapes and small footprint take up little space and leave larger space for kitchens. Avoid anything that is heavy and unwieldy – the thick table leg to the massive hood. Instead, hold out for slim shapes and device which takes up little space. So walls and floor look free and make the kitchen bigger.

You will be amazed what effect slimmer appliances and furniture to your kitchen. Another advantage is a smaller electric bill, as small devices simply need less.

4. Move your ceiling up visually

Your kitchen is not only small, but also low? Then simply move up the ceiling slightly – just visually, of course.

Tip! Just try this working tricks for your small kitchen design:

  1. Move the looks upwards – for example, with small pictures over window and door frame or with covers-high wall cupboards.
  2. Extend your walls with paint – underline the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls, and then blow the outer 7 to 8 centimeters in wall color.
  3. Light the upper part of your walls – with ceiling light or wall light.

5. Light it up

Whether the natural or artificial lighting will make your small kitchen feel larger. The more you open your kitchen outside, the brighter and more generous does the space. Take away all everything from the window which blocks the sunlight. For example, Plants for sun protection.

Tip! You can bring out this effect with the following tricks:

  1. Select surfaces that reproduce the light in the room – for example, bright tiles or stainless steel.
  2. Take sunscreen; let the light – very nice act as semi-transparent curtains with light tones and delicate patterns.
  3. Choose light colors for walls, closets, ceilings and cream white, light blue and soft yellow back walls.
  4. Open the kitchen to other rooms – for example, to the dining area or the living room.

6. Balancing color tones

Avoid too many contrasts color. Can you imagine kitchen with blue cabinets, black countertop, red walls, yellow sunscreen, and white furniture? This too many contrasts painting make kitchen feel narrow and limitless. However, for a small kitchen design, play with a few contrast color would be better. Their transitions are fluid, the look can wander and the room appears larger unconsciously.

Tip! Cabinets, flooring and counters in the kitchen should in a harmonious design. Two of three of these components should have the same tone or accent color.

7. Use glasses

Glass and transparent plastics are ingenious space widening. They do simply look through and the looks generous. The clear glass desk is a smart solution for the small kitchen design. It principally disappears from the eye line, keeping the room from appearing overstuffed with furniture. And no matter how dark the room or contiguous furnishings, a transparent desk add a slight, fresh touch to the space.

Tip! Choose furniture made of glass or transparent plastic, for example, a glass table, a shelf or glass chairs swap your normal wardrobe doors against glass doors. Instead glass doors, you can simply choose open shelving – which has the same effect, but can be better brushing.

8. Use patterns to your advantage

One of the clever tricks to fool the eye looking are patterns. And so you use patterns to the advantage of your kitchen:

  1. Select the floor wide stripes or diagonal lines – which stretches the base
  2. Choose wallpaper with small, uniform pattern – which can affect the room quiet and larger
  3. Create open kitchens color as the adjacent room, as the dining area – which stretches

9. Save with details

A wide form, flourishes moldings, decorative ornaments – that’s not for small kitchens. As an alternative choose clean lines, smooth surfaces and few details. So you can see kitchen looks quite, tidy and bigger.

Tip! Take out kitchen towels out from eyesight. Kitchens look larger if the view can wander. Don’t hang towels to the oven handle or on the dishwasher.

10. Create the right space

In a small kitchen you should consider using less stuff to make more breathing room. Keep in your kitchen only with the most important things and only what you use regularly.

Tip! Try this 3 simple tips for more space in the kitchen:

  1. Put everything that you no longer use to the hidden place – from the broken Cup over the unloved cake plate up to the double (and triple) measuring cup.
  2. Leave what you use infrequently – or do you need waffle maker, deep fryer or raclette really always handy?
  3. Remove everything that does not be in the right place in the kitchen – put wallet, sunglasses or your child homework to their place.

These 10 tips for small kitchen design will working well both for new kitchen and remodeling your old kitchen. Just take some of the most suitable with your kitchen situation.

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